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Miniature Screws, Miniature Fasteners, Polishing Discs, and Polishing Pads

JI Morris Company is one of the largest manufacturers of miniature screws and fasteners in the USA. We manufacture miniature screws, hex nuts, metric screws and nuts, miniature self-tapping screws, precision ground taps, and threaded gages, UNM screws, miniature lockwashers. JI Morris also is a major manufacturer of polishing cloths and surface polishing discs.

Morris facilities include the latest equipment for production and inspection and computers for processing, engineering, quality and machine control, estimating and financials.

Quality Control Department uses in process and final inspection procedures approved by the leading military contractors.

Pioneers in miniature screw thread technology and developing materials to improve surface finishes. In business for over 75 years with a solid financial standing, we are small enough to give you personal service and big enough to meet your most exacting requirements and production needs.

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Polishing Discs and Polishing Pads